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Titulos Nauticos
Sailing Licenses

Obtaining a sailing license at Business Yachtclub is a guarantee of quality.
Small groups, personalized attention, possibility of repeating the theory until obtaining the license.

Patrón de Moto Náutica: Authorization for piloting jetski of any power, only during daylight.

Autorización Federativa (Titulín): Authorization for piloting motorboat up to 54hp engines, until 4 miles from a coast. Daylight only.

Patrón de Navegación Básica (PNB):Authorization for piloting motor boat up to 7,5 meters, sailing boats up to 8 meters. No engine limitation. Maximum 5 miles from the coastline.

Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo (PER):Authorization for piloting motor and sailing boats up to 12 meters No engine limitation. Maximum 12 miles from the coastline.

Patrón de Yate: Authorization for piloting motor and sailing boats up to 20 meters No engine limitation. Maximum 60 miles from the coastline.

Capitán de Yate:Authorization for piloting motor and sailing boats without limitations. Only recreational use.

Patrón Profesional de Embarcaciones de Recreo (PPER):Authorization for piloting motor and sailing boats with maximum 12 people onboard. Commercial endorsed.

Yachtmaster Offshore:  The RYA, Royal Yachting Association, is the best known licenses association in the world. The yachtmaster offshore is an authorization without limitation with possibility of obtaining the commercial endorsement.

Formación básica:  Mandatory training course for new professional skippers and crew.

Inglés Náutico:  Preparing th maritime vocabulary.

PER MOTOR 09-10 al 13-11 575 € 489 € 20-22h martes, jueves 16-nov 20h
12-11 al 12-12 19,30-21,30h lunes, miércoles 15-dic 20h
PY 18-10 al 13-12 1.062 € 902 € 18-20h jueves 14-dic 27h
13-10 al 08-12 10-13h sábados 14-dic 27h
CY 01-10 al 05-12 1.999 € 1.699 € 17,30-19,30 lunes 14-dic 39h
18-01 al 05-04 17,30-19,30 viernes abr-13 60h
Yachtmaster 12-11 al 21-11 1.190 € 1.010 € 9-18h cada día 20-21 dic 8 días
26-11 al 05-12 9-18h cada día 04-05 dic 8 días
Formación básica 3-11 al 11-11 950 € 855 € 9-18h cada día 11-nov 9 días
08-12 al 16-12 9-18h cada día 16-dic 9 días
Inglés náutico 16-10 al 18-12 450 € 405 € 17-19h martes no 20h
16-01 al 20-03 17-19h miércoles no 20h
Prácticas Vela PER Pedir calendario 360 € 300 €
fin semana no 20h

All the lessons are presentials end the teachers are qualificates professionals.
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