Business Yachtclub Barcelona
Business Yachtclub Barcelona

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Sailing School
Sailing school - Individual courses

Do you want to learn to sail or expand your knowledge?

Sailing in Barcelona is our speciality. Barcelona is the perfect city where to sail and Business Yachtclub organises different sailing courses, sailing school. We offer private sailing classes with expert skipper onboard our J/80. We are flexible to adjust to your time schedule and we ensure that you get the sailing knowledge you need. The course has a duration of 2 full days from 10.30-17.30 with one hour lunch break.

The classes include following topics:
* Terminology
* Rigging the sails
* Setting sail
* Wind direction
* Tacking & gybing
* Stopping & starting
* Sail shape & trim
* Mooring & dock landings
* Manoeuvring in tight areas
* Man Overboard recovery
* Anchoring
* Reefing
* Heaving to
* Coastal navigation
* Rules of the road, Priorities
* Sailing without a rudder
* Intro to spinnaker
* Knots

2 day private sailing lessons 490 Euro
One additional person as companion - 100 Euro per day