Basic Sailing License

  • 300 on-site / 210 on-line
  • Theoric exam + 4h ROCA + 8H motor
  • Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • Professional skipper

  • The title of Basic Sailing License ( PNB) allows you to take boats up to 8 meters, you can choose if you take  the motor license or if you want you can add some sailing practices to validate it for sailing boats too!

    Characteristics of this license: Possibility of carrying boats of maximum length of 8 meters - Maximum distance from the coast 5 miles - No engine power limit - Day and night navigation - Jet skis of all kinds - The title is valid outside of Spain.

    Requirements: Be over 18 years old (or over 16 with parental authorization) - Pass a theoric exam (the exam is in Spanish, is a test with 27 questions, with a maximum number of 10 questions that are incorrectly answered and have a duration of 45 minutes) - 4 hours of radio-communication course -  8 hours of navigation and safety practices - Provide an official medical certificate - Pay exam and dispatch fees.

    Course agenda: Safety maneuvers among which the maneuver of the man to the water - Safety in jet skis - Preferences of passage between boats - zones and limits of navigation to respect - Nomenclature and parts of a boat and nautical terminology -  the most important sailor nodes - Fundamental maneuvers: docking / undocking / anchoring - Approach rules - radio communication - procedure in case of boarding.

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