Sailing course

We offer 3h sailing courses with a professional instructor.
The best way to get the knowledge and experience you need in no time!

Do you want to improve your navigation skills, as well as acquire practice and confidence in the handling of a boat? Whether you are interested in the world of racing or if you prefer cruising, we have the right course for you!

Business Yacht Club offers sailing courses of different levels and with different sailboats in Barcelona

We adjust the schedule to your needs and we assure you that you will obtain the knowledge and experience you need. Each module lasts 3 hours. All our skippers are professionals with extensive experience in navigation, so they can explain in a clear and practical way everything you need. That way you will learn and quickly master what interests you the most.

Available courses:

Sailboat J80

  • Intensive basic: ideal if you have not sailed before sailing or you are starting. You will learn to perform the most common maneuvers on a sailboat, as well as the basic concepts of sailing.
  • Intensive sail trim: you will learn to trim the sails correctly, optimizing the boat's performance to the maximum.
  • Intensive gennaker: you will learn the keys to handle this type of sail.
  • Regatta preparation: if you already have experience of navigation and you want to train to participate in a regatta, this is your course. They teach, among other things: practice of the different roles in the boat, strategy of approaching the starting line and how to position themselves according to the weather, turn in the buoy, and fast and precise execution of the maneuvers.

Sailboat Leisure

  • Intensive motor maneuvers: you will acquire practice to dock and unhitch a boat and you will learn to take into account the inertia of the boat, the thrust of the wind and the propeller's effect.
  • Intensive anchoring: perfect for getting confidence with anchoring in bays and beaches. They will teach you how to maneuver the boat, what precautions should be taken and what steps to follow to drop the anchor or set a buoy rope.
  • Intensive electronics: you will learn how to use the electronics of the boat, such as the plotter, the AIS, the autopilot or the radio.
  • Intensive night navigation: you will learn the peculiarities of night navigation, like recognizing other boats for their lights or leaving and entering the port at night.

The price of the sailing course depends on the type of sailboat.
Complete promotion pack: 4 courses of sailing at the price of 3!

Possibility of combining courses in J80 sailboat and Leisure sailboat
Contact us to evaluate the course that best suits your needs! 

Choose your sailing boat


Sporty J80

Sailboat of 8 meters, spacious cockpit, fun and safe, with a sporty and informal touch.
max. 7 persons

See sailboat



Sailboat of 10-12 meters, with great internal and external spaces, for a more comfortable and quiet navigation.
max. 7 persons
See sailboat



Sailboat with very large spaces, luxury finishes, for those who want a more elegant and comfortable option.
+12 metros, max. 9 persons
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