Sailing course

We offer sailing courses with a professional instructor.
The best way to get the knowledge and experience you need in no time!


  • 250€ Price per person,all included
  • Shared sailing courses from Mon to Thu
  • Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • Includes teaching material
  • Professional skipper
  • Max 5 students

A professional skipper and a group of maximum 5 students will sail aboard a J/80 sailboat

The course lasts four days and consists of 4 sailing lessons, one per day.

All our sailing courses prioritize practice.

The theory is taught directly on board with the help of the didactic material that the students will receive before the course.

Lessons include the following activities:
* Preparation of sails
* Set-up of sails
* Wind directions
* Tacking and jibing - Optimization of maneuvers
* Sail trim
* Preparation of the gennaker maneuver
* Man overboard maneuver
* Anchoring maneuver
* Trim the sails
* Coastal navigation
* Rules of passage
* Knots


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  • From 490€ to 690€
  • Four classes in two days
  • Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • Includes teaching material
  • Professional skipper
  • Private course/additional person 100€

  • Sailing course level 1: The course takes place in four classes on a J80 sailboat. Ideal course if you have not sailed before or are just starting out. You will learn to perform the main maneuvers on a sailboat, as well as the basics of sailing. You will also practice the main safety maneuvers on board, mooring and unmooring and you will train how to correctly set the sail trim.
    Price: 490 €
  • Sailing course level 2: The course takes place in 3 classes on a J80 sailboat and 1 class on a Beneteau First 36.7 or Hanse 345 cruise. You will learn to trim the sails correctly, optimizing the performance of the boat to the maximum, the course also includes a Gennaker training in J80 to learn how to use that type of sail. You will also review the main cruise maneuvers, ideal to prepare yourself before renting a sailboat!
    Price: 490€ weekdays - 590€ weekend.
  • Cruise preparation: The course takes place in four classes on Beneteau First 36.7 and Hanse 345 trainers. You will practice preparing a voyage, how to check a boat before setting sail, check the engine and sail on a cruise-style sailboat. You will also practice motorized maneuvers, anchoring maneuvers, use of on-board electronics during the course.Activity for all levels of experience. An essential course if you are thinking of renting or buying a sailboat.
    Price: 490€ weekdays - 690€ weekend.

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