37th America's Cup

Welcome to Barcelona!
We are proud to host the next America's Cup

Starting in:


  • 22nd of August 2024

    Official inauguration

  • 22nd to 31st of August 2024

    Preliminary events

  • 31st of August to 30th of September 2024

    Challenger Selection Series

  • 15th to 30th of September 2024

    Youth Americas Cup

  • 12th to 31st of October 2024


Locations and Teams

  • Emirates Team New Zealand

    World Trade Center

  • NYYC American Magic

    MB 92

  • Luna Rossa Prada Pirelli

    Marina Vela Area

  • Alinghi Red Bull Racing

    Mare Magnum

  • Ineos Britannia

    Mare Magnum

  • K-Challenge France

    Muelle Adosado

Port Olimpic - Women and Youth

In addition to the main America's Cup event, the Women's Series and Youth Series will also be held in Barcelona, with the races taking place inside Port Olimpic. This means that in addition to experiencing the excitement of the main event, visitors to Barcelona can also enjoy watching some of the world's top female and youth sailors compete in these prestigious series. And with Port Olimpic located right next to the main regatta field, spectators will have a prime view of all the action.

Port Olimpic is strategically located for hosting events during the America's Cup in Barcelona. As the boats sail in the same regatta field as the America's Cup, the proximity of Port Olimpic to the regatta field offers an unparalleled viewing experience for guests. Being able to watch the world's top sailors compete in the iconic AC75 boats up close and personal is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that Port Olimpic can provide. Furthermore, the convenience of being so close to the regatta field means that guests can easily attend other America's Cup-related events and activities that may be taking place in the surrounding areas. The vibrant atmosphere of Port Olimpic and its numerous dining and entertainment options make it an ideal location for guests to experience the excitement of the America's Cup both on and off the water.

The America's Cup

The Americas Cup is considered the oldest active trophy in international sport, having been first contested in 1851. It is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious sailing events in the world, attracting the best sailors and teams from around the globe. The race has a rich history of innovation, with competing teams constantly pushing the boundaries of sailing technology. Participating in our team building regattas, which are developed with the same rules and course as the Americas Cup, gives sailors a chance to experience the thrill and challenge of this iconic event and learn more about its storied history and significance in the world of sailing

Brief History

The Americas Cup has a long and storied history dating back to 1851, when the schooner America won a race around the Isle of Wight in England. The victory earned America the right to challenge other countries to races for the cup, which was then renamed the "Americas Cup". Since then, the cup has been contested by sailing teams from around the world, with the winner earning the right to defend the trophy in the next race.

Over the years, the Americas Cup has seen many changes and innovations, from the introduction of new rules to the development of cutting-edge sailboats. In recent years, the competition has been dominated by teams from the United States and New Zealand, with Emirates Team New Zealand winning the most recent edition of the cup in 2021.


The 37th edition - The AC75 boat

The AC75 is the latest class of boat designed specifically for the America's Cup, and it will be used in the upcoming edition of the event in Barcelona. The AC75 is a foiling monohull, which means that it has a single hull and is capable of lifting out of the water at high speeds using hydrofoils. The boat is approximately 75 feet long and has a crew of 11 sailors. The AC75 features advanced design and construction techniques, including high-tech materials like carbon fiber, which make the boat lightweight, yet incredibly strong and durable. The design of the AC75 boats is highly competitive, with each team designing and building its own boat within a set of class rules. This means that the boats will vary in their specific design features, such as the shape of the hull, the size and shape of the foils, and the configuration of the sails. The AC75 boats are some of the most advanced and sophisticated sailing vessels in the world, and they are sure to provide an exciting and thrilling spectacle for sailors and sailing enthusiasts alike during the next America's Cup in Barcelona.


The foil technology

The AC75 sailboat used in the next America's Cup in Barcelona features innovative foil technology that enables the boat to achieve higher speeds and better performance. The boat uses a "T-foil" design, which means the foils on the boat extend from the bottom of the hull and are shaped like a T. These T-foils are designed to generate lift and reduce drag by reducing the surface area of the boat that is in contact with the water. The foils are made from a carbon fiber composite material, which is both lightweight and incredibly strong.

The AC75's foil technology is also unique in that it is controlled by a complex hydraulic system that allows the sailors to adjust the angle and position of the foils on the fly. This system allows the boat to adapt to changing conditions and optimize the lift and drag of the foils for maximum speed and maneuverability. Additionally, the boat features a unique "flap" system on the trailing edge of the foils that further enhances performance by providing additional lift and control. Overall, the AC75's foil technology and system represent a significant leap forward in sailboat design and promise to make the next America's Cup in Barcelona an exciting and highly competitive event.

Defender and Challenger

In the America's Cup, the defender is the team that won the previous edition of the regatta, and their role is to defend their title against the challenger teams. The challenger teams are selected through a series of races called the Challenger Selection Series, which is held before the America's Cup Match. The Challenger Selection Series involves several rounds of elimination matches between the challenger teams until only one challenger remains. The remaining challenger team then advances to the America's Cup Match to compete against the defender for the title. The America's Cup Match is a best-of series of races, typically held over several days, and the first team to reach a predetermined number of wins is declared the winner and becomes the new defender for the next edition of the regatta.

Course and basic rules

The America's Cup regatta races are contested on a course that is set up as a windward-leeward racecourse. The course consists of a series of marks or buoys that the boats must round in a specific order. The starting line is set up between two boats that are anchored at either end of the line, and the boats must stay behind the line until the start signal is given. Once the race begins, the boats sail upwind towards the first mark, and then round it and sail back downwind towards the next mark. This process is repeated until the boats have completed the required number of laps and crossed the finish line.

The basic rules applied in the America's Cup regatta races are governed by the International Sailing Federation (ISAF) Racing Rules of Sailing. These rules govern things like right of way, penalties, and other aspects of the race. One important rule is the "right-of-way" rule, which states that the boat with the wind coming from its starboard side has right of way over the boat with the wind coming from its port side. This means that boats must avoid colliding with each other and must give way to other boats when necessary.

Another important rule is the "penalty" rule, which states that boats must perform a penalty turn if they break a rule. A penalty turn involves sailing around a mark or buoy in the opposite direction from the other boats, which can be costly in terms of time and distance. These rules, along with others, help to ensure fair and competitive racing in the America's Cup regattas, and make for exciting and dynamic races that test the skills and abilities of the sailors and their boats.

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