Homologated practices SAILING

  • 250€
  • 16 hours. two sessions of 8 hours
  • Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • Valid for PNB, PER, PY, CY
  • Professional skipper

  • In Business Yachtclub you will be able to carry out your homologated practices to obtain your sailing nautical qualification. In our center we form navigators throughout the year and that is why you will have the best teachers, experienced employers and professionals who will know how to transmit all the necessary knowledge and also in small groups so that you really take advantage of your practices!

    SAILING: Complementary sailing practices that will allow the student to enable their title for sailing as established by their degree. Duration of 16h spread over two days.

    • Sailing theory
    • Nomenclature on board
    • Rigging
    • Basic and advanced sailing maneuvers
    • Safety maneuvers
    • Safety on board

    Does not include: Shipping fees and medical certificate if you have had the PER for more than two years.


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