Pleasure Craft License (PER)

  • 490 on-site / 345 on-line
  • Theoric exam + 12h ROCA + 16H motor
  • Port Olimpic, Barcelona
  • Professional skipper

  • PER course in Barcelona

    The Patrón de Embarcaciones de Recreo (PER) is the most famous spanish sailing licence.

    PER - Attributions:
    • Possibility of carrying vessels with a maximum length of 15 meters
    • Maximum distance from the coast 12 miles
    • Unli2mited motor power
    • Day and night navigation
    • Jet skis of all kinds
    • The title is also valid outside of Spain.

    The title of Recreational Boat Skipper allows you to take boats up to 15 meters, you can choose whether to get the motor title or if you want you can add some sailing practices to validate for sailing boats too!

    It is also possible to validate for crossings to the Balearic Islands by adding extra practices.

    We organize face-to-face classes of the PER in Barcelona to obtain the degree with qualified teachers in our classrooms.

    If you prefer to study from home, it is possible to register for the PER online, a tutor will follow you and advise you.

    Book your course PER in Barcelona through our contact form.

    Requirements to obtain the PER motor:
    • Be over 18 years old (or over 16 with parental authorization)
    • Pass a theory exam
    • Take 12 hours of ROCA radio communication course
    • Perform 16 hours of navigation and safety practices
    • Provide an official medical certificate
    • Pay the examination and issuance fees.
    To obtain the PER sailing extension:
    • Do 16 hours of sailing practice
    • Sailing practices for the PER will take place in Barcelona.
    To obtain the PER extension in the Balearic Islands:
    • If you have the title FOR SAILING, you can increase your attributions by simply doing a 24-hour internship in a continuous sailing journey. After these practices your POR title will be enabled to carry boats up to 24 meters in length and navigate between the peninsula and the Balearic Islands.
    • If you have the MOTOR title you can enable your sailing title and also carry out the extension of it in a single practice of 48 hours! An opportunity to enjoy a trip and also qualify your title for sailing in boats up to 24 meters in length and up to the Balearic Islands.
    POR course agenda:
    • Safety maneuvers
    • Man overboard maneuver
    • Jet Ski Safety
    • Passage preferences between ships
    • Navigation zones and limits to respect
    • Nomenclature and parts of a ship
    • Nautical terminology.
    • Maritime beaconing
    • The most important knots
    • Fundamental maneuvers: docking / undocking / anchoring
    • Collision prevention rules
    • Radiocomunication
    • Procedure in case of collision
    Apply the PER for free:

    The exams for nautical qualifications are public and it is not compulsory to take classes in person or online.

    The PER's face-to-face classes have the advantage of forcing the candidate to follow the lessons constantly in an academy. The teachers will help you with the syllabus, the exercises and our academy will take care of all the bureaucratic procedures.

    The possibility of studying the PER online allows the student to make schedules more flexible and adapt the lesson calendar. A tutor teacher will follow you during the learning process and will help you solve the most common questions.

    There is also the possibility of studying and taking the PER on your own, buying the manuals, downloading the tests from previous sessions, paying the registration fees and showing up on the day of the exam. This modality has an economic advantage, because it is possible to save the costs of the course. In order to validate the PER on your own, it will be necessary to carry out the approved motor and sailing practices (the latter if sailing qualification is required). The disadvantage is that the student does not have the support of the teachers who can help solve any doubts.

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